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Vas Yarosh saw many problems, deaths, and tears among his relatives. So many times, he heard that whatever has been determined for you, you will not be able to change. God showed him how anyone can change their destiny. God offers fulfilled life to everyone who chooses to cooperate with him. Through following the steps shared in Destiny: 8 Steps to a Fulfilled life, Yarosh was blessed far more than he ever imagined. Throughout history, great leaders, priests, philosophers, and scientists have changed the world by refusing to allow difficulties to rob them of all God planned for them. You can join this elite group—the list of God’s heroes of faith is not yet complete. God continues looking for persons who will embrace the destiny he has planted into every human heart. Partner with him and prepare to experience incomparable joy as he leads you to your own great Destiny.
  • As you apply these principles and Gods word to your life, I’m confident that you will discover and walk in your destiny
    Doug Clay
    General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, USA
  • Destiny is a great book to inspire and equip you to walk out your God-given destiny, as well as a book that can be used in a small group setting…

    Chris Overstreet

    Founder of Compassion To Action
  • The most transformational book I have read in many years… a must read… a personal manual to be referenced again and again… Keep this book close!
    Brad Makowski
    Lead Pastor, Anthem Church
  • Easily understood… Will encourage readers… Great insights for everyone.

    Dr. Frank Damazio

    President, Ministry Fellowship International
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