Premarital counseling
It was proven that a strong family is a foundation for (1)the financial success of the family, (2) forming strong children and grandchildren, (3) the physical health of each member of the family, and much more. Invest in your marriage.

Statistics says that half of marriage fell apart. That’s huge! Will you invest in something that has 50% of failure? Many people spend years getting trained to get electricians, pilots, or medical doctor licenses. They paid thousands of dollars to get the license. A strong family is more important than your carrier. Get your “Marriage License”, and invest in yourself.

We would like to offer you 8 sessions with Vasiliy and Olya Yarosh.

Individual approach.

  1. Exploring yourself and making your expectations conscious.
  2. From Idealizing to realizing each other.
  3. Defining What is love for you.
  4. Your top needs and hot topics.
  5. Budgeting and exploring unfinished business.
  6. Secrets of Sexual Fulfillment.
  7. Reset your Spiritual Life for a new start.
  8. Special prayer over you, Inner healing, and a blessing.

We will give you forms to fill out, and homework to do before every session. This homework is designed to help you uncover some of the hidden things about you and the unspoken rules that you live by. For the best results, each of you should work on the exercises separately, then we meet (via zoom or facetime call) to discuss your answers.

We know from working with many couples that many of these sessions can serve as a real eye-opener moment for you if you answer honestly (not trying to guess what your partner wants you to say).

During every session, we will analyze your answers and we will address the most important differences or issues about you to prepare you for marriage. We will identify potential conflict areas and equip you and your partner with tools to navigate them successfully.

From our experience, every session is filled with eye-opening moments, cries, laugh, and even tension as we discover who you are and we discover who you are about to marry.
Premarital counseling
8 session / 50 minutes
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