Real stories of real women and their extraordinary faith.

This book is a collection of real stories of women, some of whom are the authors friends and neighbors, while others speak to her from the pages of her Bible. Together with them, you can relive their joys and sorrows, doubts and victories and perhaps develop a new perspective about your childhood Bible stories. Like every woman, every chapter of this book is unique and can have a profound effect on your life. The author discovers for herself and shares with us real-life lessons: ABOUT GOD, ABOUT OURSELVES, ABOUT LIFE AND OUR CHARACTER TRAITS, ABOUT US, REACHING OUR FINISH LINE, RELENTLESSLY OVERCOMING EVERY OBSTACLE


1. Mom. The Faith of Hope
2. Jochebed. The victory of the Slaves
3. Hannah. Tit for Tat
4. Julia. A Song of a Daughter
5. Eve. Life After Death
6. Hagar. Anguish Misdirected
7. Sveta. The Brightness of Her Soul
8. Esther. Beauty Within
9. Martha. Fear vs. Faith
10. Oksana. New Marriage—Same Husband
11. Five Daughters of Zelophehad
A Case for Social Justice
12. Naomi. The Joy of Second Chances
13. Grandmother. Faithfulness to the Ends of the Earth
14. A Slow-Paced Race

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Olya Yarosh – Relentless
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